Don’t wait, create

Pathetically puttering around with your fingers crossed until you get that one email that changes everything is no way to live your life. 

It’s an inefficient, disempowering and unsustainable way to manage a career. And unless you’re the one percent of incredibly famous, independently wealthy or impossibly lucky people, consider finding strategy that provides surer footing. 

I was listening to an interview with a famous actor who struggled for years as a young comedian. He explained that back in the eighties, booking agents and casting directors and sitcom producers weren’t interested in his work as an artist, so he took matters into his own hands. He announced to himself, I’m going to do so many things on my own on the outside, that it’s going to force you to give me these opportunities. 

Fast forward to a few years later, and he had more work than he can handle. Not because of magic, but because of momentum. Jeff hired himself, built his own leverage and, through sheer volume, made his work impossible to ignore. 

Had he waited around feeling sorry for himself, cursing the cruelty of the world, he would have disappeared. Had he wasted his resources raging against an unjust fate instead of directing them into the work of creating a better reality, he never would have made it. 

Don’t wait, create. People aren’t here to facilitate you. Uncross your fingers and go make something worth noticing. 


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