Do You Need More Time Or A Better Routine?

You don’t need more time, you need a better routine.

are a few I’ve adopted over the years:

Set a reverse curfew.Make a daily bargain with
yourself that you will be out of the house by a certain time. Say, at the
coffee shop by ten. That way, you put yourself on a deadline. Otherwise your
morning will slip away.

Use rituals to carve a pathway.Set a daily appointment with
yourself to honor your work intention. Say, five minutes of meditation. That
way, your instrument is tuned for the world to move through me. Otherwise your motivation
will never hit the ground running.

Book blank time.Create silent intervals for
your personal reflection needs. Say, having coffee on the terrace. That way,
you can be alone with your own heart. Otherwise your thoughts never get a
chance to breathe.

Practice forced vomiting.Create a private container of
safety for emotional release. Say, writing morning pages. That way, you can
honor your inner reality. Otherwise you never dig deep enough to the find the

Install a micro accountability.Have a daily obligation that
meets your meaning quota. Say, publishing one blog post. That way, you’re never
condemned to a meaningless existence. Otherwise the anxiety of
inconsequentiality comes crashing in.

Seek mental decompression. Move the body so the mind can
disengage and renew. Say, going for a run. That way, the rhythmic, repetitive
action transfers the locus of your brain energy. Otherwise you never experience
a shift in headspace.

Take time to inhale.Expand your reservoir of human
experience by. Say, by eavesdropping on stranger conversations on public
transportation. Otherwise your perspective will continue to bounce off a thin

of trying to make more time, consider which routines you might adopt.


What have you declined this week?


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