Do we violate our rage with wraparound smiles?

As hyper agreeable people pleasers, we have become naturally adept at suppressing our emotions and putting on a happy face for the rest of the world. 

To the point that meeting everyone else’s priorities at the expense of our own has become second nature. 

This is a useful survival strategy in the short term. It can help us avoid conflict and make progress without offending, upsetting and disappointing people; and without actually having to have any needs or opinions. 

Over time, however, it becomes unsustainable. 

Because when we swallow our feelings, our bodies begin to digest themselves. 

Meanwhile, our feelings degenerate into either resentment or rage. 

If it’s resentment, those nasty little ideas that cling to the insides of our minds and won’t let go, it becomes a block that holds us back from loving ourselves and others, typically in the form passive aggressive snide comments under our breath. 

If it’s rage, a furious and uncontrollable anger that makes us want to violently squeeze a turd out of everyone we meet, it boils and simmers underneath while wraparound smiles count down the days until we eventually go postal. 

Either way, we are rowing against the current of our own life. 

But our obedience to the letter of inner law, our activation of survival instincts that got us where we are today, it won’t get us where we need to go. 


What feelings are taking up space in your heart that could be better used for love? 

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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