Do I Really Need Twenty Pair of Sandals?

Moving out is an emotionally charged experience.

Especially when our personal identity is tied to our physical

As we box our things
up, we box ourselves up too.

We let go of the version of ourselves we’ve outgrown. And we stop hanging onto certain things, lest they hang onto

But what’s weird is when we look back. When we take a break
from schlepping furniture and taping boxes to reflect on all the stuff that
used to define us, that used to matter so much. And we start asking ourselves questions:

Was that really who I was? Were these things actually
important to me? Did I really need to own twenty pair of sandals, or did I
allow the world to superimpose its own definition of what I needed to have and
who I needed to be, and passively absorb it as my own belief system?

In the end, we keep old stuff around so we don’t have to confront the fact that we’re changing. So we don’t have to
admit that we might have been wrong when we bought it in the first place. And so
we don’t have to accept the fact that, with every move, we’re one step closer
to the end of it all.

The good news is, when we let go of what we have, we get
what we need.

Even if we’re not sure what that is yet.

If we could just free up enough space, we could grab it when
it crosses our path.


What are you afraid to box up?


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