Dinner tastes better when you record a song

Because one of the fundamental goals of life is to make ourselves proud, the greatest verb might well be earn

To do harvest work. To get a reward for our labor. To reach the end result of continuous tension. 

In short, the opposite of entitlement. 

I’m reminded of an interview with a famous songwriter, who was asked why he had been so prolific at such a young age. Segall explained that songwriting was an exercise, therapy, his daily vitamins, his daily dose, and it was necessary for his brain. 

He said, dinner tastes better when you record a song

Who could disagree with that? There’s just something so satisfying about being rewarded for labor. And it doesn’t even matter what the reward is. Or how big it is. Or who gives it to you. Or how it’s given. That’s not the point. 

What matters is that it’s yours. That you did the thing you said you were going to do, and now you’re going to love yourself enough to rejoice in that accomplishment. 

Earning, then, is a great verb, but it’s also a great mindset. Imagine how much more fulfilling life would be if you approached everything with the intention of earning it, as opposed to constantly keeping count of what you feel you’re entitled to. 


Do you hold the posture of an earning laborer, or an entitled demander?


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