Decide which of the mainstream hoops aren’t worth jumping through

The advantage of hiring yourself is, you learn very quickly which corners are worth cutting. 

You see how much of the work is actually necessary, versus how much the work is just the traditional way of doing things. 

When I produced my first documentary, I felt completely overwhelmed by tasks like holding screenings and securing distribution and submitting my movie to film festivals. 

But then I spoke with a colleague of mine who worked for a major production house. And his words of advice were unforgettable. He said:

You paid for this movie with your own money, which not only means you can do anything you want, but also means you can not do anything you want. 

That insight was the permission slip I needed. It pushed me to decide which of the mainstream hoops weren’t worth jumping through, and forge ahead without stopping. 

Once the movie came out, I wasted exactly zero time and energy on promotional activities that weren’t aligned with my vision. And that made me feel proud. 

Interestingly enough, when the time came to produce my second film a year later, I was able to execute that project in less time, using less money, and the quality was even better that the first. 

Lesson learned, the only rules worth knowing are the ones you invent yourself.


How do you discover which corners are worth cutting?

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