Credibility is the ancestor of volume

I have a financial planner friend who has thirty letters after his last name. 

His business card is a thing of beauty. When I asked him about the story behind that, he said the letters weren’t there because he was good at taking tests or smarter than the competitors, but because he started his advisory practice in his early twenties, and he needed credibility. Fast. Otherwise clients wouldn’t take him seriously. 

And so, he spent the first decade of his career earning degrees and certifications in life insurance underwriting and retirement planning and employee benefits and a host of other areas of expertise. Credibility was the ancestor of volume. 

I can relate to this struggle. When I started my company right out of college, I had difficulty legitimizing my work. Until I noticed a pattern. Turns out, the minute somebody touched one of my books, their posture changed. My posture changed. The dynamic between us changed. And most of their objections to my credibility faded away like a fart in the wind. Because apparently, if you’re written a book, that’s worth something. 

And so, my thinking was, wait a minute, if writing one book was that effective in making people’s question marks go away, maybe I should write a lot of books. 

So I did. And somewhere around book number thirteen, people stopped asking for my credentials.

Credibility is the ancestor of volume. 

And it’s one hell of a good way to uncross people’s arms. 


How could your status be automatically elevated by virtue of volume?


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