Cowering inside our own small circle of worry

My favorite definition of the word perspective is:

The faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship. 

Consider the following archetypes of how that might play out. 

The job seeker who must cope with multiple rejections on a daily basis. Instead of cowering inside his own small circle of worry each time he hears no, he chooses to view the bigger picture. He documents the many other victories he accomplishes each day, large or small, trusting that they will build momentum and keep moving his story forward. 

Take the injured athlete who must sit on the sidelines of practices and games for six weeks. As opposed to solely focusing on the disappointing aspects of her temporary physical condition, she balances the scales to create the most holistic depiction of her experience. Because regardless of her new injury, she is still part of a great team who values her presence and benefits from her strategic thinking and emotional encouragement. 

Or consider a location independent freelancing couple who has little or no guarantee of sustaining their joint creative enterprise from overseas. Rather than holding a clouded, unrealistic and negatively biased picture of their circumstances, they consider any failure against the broader context of their exciting and liberated lifestyle. 

That is the key to perspective. 

Seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful relationship between us and our circumstances, and realizing that despite our frustration and sadness, it’s probably not as bad as our anxiety tells us it is. 


Why is it that you believe our entire life depends on this one thing? 

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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