Continues to haunt you through an afterlife of obligations

Seinfeld, the zen master of comedy, made a fascinating observation during a recent interview. 

He said that he liked to explore things, but didn’t expect to enjoy them. 

That’s no punchline. Imagine how fast the collective stress level of the world would drop if more of us learned to think that way. If we could finally release things from the obligation to make us feel better, we might have a real chance at fulfillment. 

If we could finally relieve ourselves of the burden of trying to make outcomes match expectations, we might have a real chance a peace. 

Masters wrote a seminal book about emotional intimacy that reinforces this very point. If you want more joy, he says, don’t wait for more auspicious circumstances. Let go of the notion that you can’t be joyful if there isn’t anything to be joyful about. Settle into the raw reality of who and what you really are, and joy inevitably arises. 

Joy is utterly natural to us, and so, let us stop trying to produce it and instead simply open to it. 

Perhaps that’s the real joke. 

When we allow meaningless things to continue to haunt us through an afterlife of obligations.


How well do you enable feelings of non situational joy?

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Scott Ginsberg

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