Conserve your best energies for your creative efforts

There’s an inverse relationship between feedback and creation. 

I have an artist friend who said once she let go of how the world validated her art, she gained a tremendous sense of creative freedom, and that lifted a weight of expectation that allowed to start creating more. 


Deciding to permanently affix your fingers into your ears is a breakthrough moment for any artist. Because let’s face it, feedback is completely overrated. It rarely bears any resemblance to your inner creative reality. 

Dilbert said it best when he suggested that constructive criticism was really just an uninformed opinion about things people don’t understand. I’m sure most creative people would agree. 

And so, next time you put something new into the world, instead of chewing up valuable time listening to confusing and disruptive feedback that you’re just to get defensive about and ultimately ignore, just move onto the next thing.

Aim for volume, not accuracy. Practice a little selective indifference. Be discerning enough not to dwell on meaningless matters. Conserve your best energies for your creative efforts. 


If you weren’t still giving people’s opinions more weight than they deserved, what might you create?LET ME SUGGEST THIS…

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