Confining yourself to the ground floor of the edifice

Frankl’s groundbreaking research on the human will to create meaning makes a fascinating point about the therapeutic process:

Therapy shares the fate of any foundation, in that it will become invisible to the extent to which the proper buildings are erected on it. 

Creativity works the same way. The job of the artist isn’t to confine themselves to the ground floor of the edifice, rather, to stack so much love and heart and blood and uniqueness on top of it, that by the time the structure is sky high, the people around it are completely oblivious to its foundation. 

The basement is invisible. Because it was only the beginning. The spark. The moment of conception. The crucial groundwork on top of which the edifice was built. 

When I wrapped on a music film about the dreaming process, I went back and dug up my original brainstorm for the idea. It was an email exchange between my director and me, briefly mentioning the idea of turning a group of songs I’d written into some kind of interesting creative project. 

Six months later, that idea had slowly morphed into a new studio album, a full length concert documentary and a hard cover dream journal. 

And once we shipped, I looked back at our creation and marveled to myself, wow, the original idea from which this grew is unrecognizable. 

That’s every artist’s dream. To turn a seed into a forest. 


Are you still confiding yourself to the ground floor of the edifice? 


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