Closets Are For Shelves, Not Selves

We can only closet off the unholy parts of ourselves for so long.

Whatever is inside of us, eventually, somewhere, is going to
come out.

The exciting part is, once we give people a profile of our
soul, once we start talking about what we’re afraid for them to know about us, our
world changes. We experience the freedom that comes from refusing to hide. And those
brave enough to listen, use our stories as mirrors that reflect their truest

As of late, I’ve gone out of my way to share more of my dark side. From health problems to relationship
blunders to creative burnouts to business mistakes to communication breakdowns
to the trappings of meh, I’ve started sharing more and more about
what happens in my life behind the scenes.

Not all the time. I’d hate be one of those people who lives
his life like an open wound just to accumulate a few extra column inches.

But it certainly feels good to get that darkness off myself.

Closets are for shelves, not selves.


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