Chasing down the authentic self

Every artist is on a quest for originality. Searching to find their authentic voice so they can do bring the truest representations of themselves to their work. 

The frustrating part is, it takes time. Identity is a function of volume. And unless we crank out piles of work, we’ll never fully flush out those pseudo cover tunes out of our system. 

I’m reminded of something my mentor told me when my first book came out. He said I hadn’t written enough to know what kind of writer I was. 

It really pissed me off. The impatient child in me wanted to storm out of the room and never come back. But he was right. Not to diminish my literary accomplishments, but as a first time author, I hadn’t yet put in the hours chipping away at the sculpture inside the stone. Only time and volume would unearth that. Anything earlier would be premature.

And so, I used that moment as motivation to keep writing. And writing. And writing. Every single day. Even if the material wasn’t particularly good. Even if only to figure out who the hell I was. 

Sure enough, with each book I finished, I came one step closer to finding my original voice. Now it was just a matter of time. A numbers game. A willingness to stick around until the authentic self tussled its way to the surface. 

Every creative person goes on this journey. For some, it takes longer. But in the end, everyone ends up at their own place of truth. 

Campbell once wrote that we’re all meandering through the maze of our own life, looking for the place where the soul shines forth. 


How much art are you willing to ship out the door in order to arrive at that place?


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