Change everything with no intention of originating anything

Einstein wasn’t
always a world renewed theoretical physicist. 

Like many great inventors, he
labored in obscurity, gained traction slowly and eventually was universally

In fact, he started his career working as a lowly clerk at the
patent office. Six days a week, he would sit at a desk reviewing applications
submitted by all kinds of inventors from around the country. 

Naturally, the
work wasn’t strenuous or intellectually demanding, but it was just repetitious
enough, just foundational enough to give him ample time to daydream and
contemplate the universe. 

And over time, those idle daydreams led to his famous
series of papers that coined the most famous equation that launched a scientific
revolution that changed world history. 

What did he do right?
What conditions and contexts were in place that allowed him to thrive? 

he had the freedom of working on something before the entire world was watching
and waiting to see what he would do next. This relieved him of the pressure,
expectation and urgency that often kills great ideas before they’re even born. 

Next, he didn’t quit his day job to follow his dream, he simply folded it into
his everyday life. Albert kept his hand in his craft, tinkering away at his
passion stolen moments and borrowed time, thus staying in communication with
artistry at some level. 

Finally, there was zero attachment to what this idea
could mean for him. It was just this thing he was fascinating by and curious

And so, the idea that changed everything originated in the mind of an
person who had no intention of originating anything.


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