Capitalizing on emerging opportunities

Every time a new opportunity, project or partnership comes into my creative crosshairs, my initial feeling is gratitude. Because opportunity only finds a home in places where it’s appreciated. Where there’s a yessable heart and an abundance mentality. 

The next feeling is hope. Because whether or not the opportunity comes to fruition isn’t the point. The fact that it happened at all means that it’s possible. And that it will probably happen again. After all, people only give you opportunities when they feel connected to you, and there’s a whole lot of people out there. 

There’s also a feeling of pride. Because in a world where it’s so hard to believe somebody is actually asking you to be yourself, there’s nothing more satisfying than finally getting paid for something you’ve already been doing for free, and would happily continue do for free. 

The last and perhaps most important feeling around opportunity is detachment. Because although I have dreams and hopes and ambitions for the exciting opportunities that come my way, I don’t make the mental and emotional mistake of having expectations around them. 

Yes, I want to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Yes, I know that if I don’t act while a door is open, it might shut forever. But on the other hand, it’s not healthy to get attached to things over which I have no control. Standing poised in a great ballet of expectation is neither healthy nor profitable. 

And so, I like to think I’ve developed a healthy relationship with opportunity. I define it as anything that brings me a step closer to my genuine interest. I try to surround myself with more and more activity to inherently increase your opportunity stream. And I remember that with every opportunity, realized or not, I contribute to a fabric. 


Are you in the right frame of mind to pursue opportunities as they arise?


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