The Business of Distraction

Entertainment is the business of distraction.

That’s why audiences hand over their hard earned money.

To feel, laugh, cry, play, gasp and have their imagination captured, so they can forget about, not worry about, evaporate from, take a break from and get the hell away from life.

Even if only for a moment, a minute, an hour or an evening, it’s always worth it when we’re distracted.

Not all the time, of course. We still have obligations to fill. But life’s too short to be focused all the time. Everybody needs a taste of the sweet nectar of cognitive escape.

To be distracted is to be safe. To be distracted is to disappear and merge with the divine. To be distracted is to cope with the anxiety of living. To be distracted is to escape from life’s unanswerable questions. To be distracted is to bond with each other through our shared humanity. To be distracted is to stop thinking about the fact that we’re all going to die.

Distraction is the highest form of living.

And as artists, entertainers, performers and creators, we have been given a license to distract.

Let us not dodge that great honor. Let us not shy away from the obligation to satisfy people’s deep, human longing to disconnect from reality.

People crave distraction.

Let’s give the audience what they want.


What does your performance provide?


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