Broken vessels aspiring to a lost wholeness

I once heard a startup founder say
that the best way to get funding is to act as if you’ll never get it, and to
make a plan that doesn’t need it. 

What a brilliant way to work. 

hang your sense of success, the fullness of your heart, and the stability of
your soul on the fickle whims of external validation? Successful people don’t
view themselves as passive organisms meant to be maneuvered by external forces
and conditions, they attain an inner posture that finds its own equilibrium.
They don’t wait around for a sugar daddy to greenlight their desires, they
create a sense of self so complete that external influences have no authority
within their consciousness. Because they know if they wait to be funded or
rewarded or even recognized before they start doing the work, they will
probably wait forever. 

And so, they trust that what they already have and who
they already are is enough to get started. I’m reminded of a brilliant book I read about breakups, and how important it is to feel
complete on your own. The authors advised heartbroken lovers to run headfirst
into life. To project an image to their exes that says, look, despite the
heartache and loss, the reason you’re not hearing from me is because I am too
busy taking care of myself and moving on with my fabulous new life. 

That’s the
kind of wholeness each of us should seek, in our businesses and in our lives.


Which values give you a sense that your life is complete?


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