Boldly casting off what limitations were placed upon you

All of us get proven wrong about our own limitations. 

But only some of us notice and name those moments. And only some of us use those moments to fuel ourselves to the next level.

As the writer’s writer likes to say, claim the force of our own power. 

During my stint at a global tech startup, several projects came across my desk that took me lightyears beyond a limited view of myself. From leading global marketing campaigns to being the creative director for employer branding initiatives to acting as the resident media spokesperson for a topic that I had neither passion or expertise about, it was scary and intense ride. 

But thanks to my very particular set of skills, to cite my favorite fictional government operative, it allowed me to execute exquisitely. I found a good reason to trust my already keen ability. 

What’s interesting is, the reason my limits were surpassed during that time was not because of a lack of belief, but a lack of opportunity. It was simply work that I had never done before. 

And that’s the secret nobody tells us. Action is the engine of faith. Sometimes all we have to do is say yes to opportunity to prove ourselves wrong about our own limitations. Sometimes all we have to do is raise our hands for a scary project to find out that we actually have an unconscious competence for an activity that lots of people find highly valuable. 

Where are your limitations trying to take you? Has the soul that you are finally come to tackle tremendous growth? 

Perhaps it’s time for you to raise your hand for tasks and projects outside of your skillset. 

To find creative outposts where you can continue to sow the seeds that allow you to expand without limit. 


If you dreamed in terms of your potential and not your limitations, how would that change your dream? 

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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