Better to destroy yourself than create opportunities for other people to do it for you

In order to leap forward into new artistic possibilities, every creator must be willing to destroy what they’ve created. 

And not physically, of course. Hendrix setting fire to his guitar was legendary and rebellious and punk rock and everything, but for most of us, it’s not exactly a scalable growth strategy. 

That’s why we expand our definition of the word destroy. 

To destroy is to lay waste. Meaning, stripping away all the attitudes and ideas and goals and projects that no longer serve the person you’re becoming. 

To destroy is to put an end to. Meaning, letting go of the activities that you only engaged in because of other people’s expectations. 

To destroy is to remove structure. Meaning, snapping your brain, body, and body of work out of all their normal routines and patterns and safe places so they can run free. 

To destroy is to defeat completely. Meaning, untrapping yourself from your signature work, even if that’s what your audience now wants and demands from you. 

To destroy is to take away power. Meaning, remove all the parts of your work that are dictated by the marketplace pure commodity and nowhere near the razor’s edge. 

Sound violent? You’re right. It sure is. 

But hey, better to destroy yourself than create opportunities for other people to do it for you. 


Are you willing to destroy the light, go into the darkness and become transformed by the experience and come out more alive?
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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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