The Belonging Sessions 008: Joey Cummings of The Joey Company

The Joey Company is a full service integrated
advertising agency. Their team of research nerds is known for their abilityto see what is obvious, but
not necessarily apparent.

I sat down with founder Joey Cummings and posed three
crucial questions about belonging:

1.    Good brands
are bought, but great brands are joined. Why do you think your employees join yours?

Coming from Chicago, culturally we have a Midwestern work
ethic, competitive spirit and non-bureaucratic, horizontal structure. We’re an
agency of doers, not managers. A small, lean company that offers employees an
opportunity to make an impact, even at a young age. Team members have the
ability to contribute to the growth of client business, as well as the agency
itself. And most of the people here like the idea that they can play a part as
opposed to just being a cog in the wheel.             

2. The great workplaces of the world
have soul. What do you do to
humanize your culture? 

Our biggest assets go up and down the elevator everyday. And
there’s a sensibility and respect for who people are, and the nurturing to help them grow. Because we are especially dedicated
to understanding consumer behavior and insight, the work we do is based on human
nature. It’s the stuff Shakespeare is made
of. For example, we are fortunate to work on brands dealing with tough, scary
or embarrassing issues. These are the companies like Trojan Centers for Disease
Control. The ones ready to deal with serious human issue the moment they occur.
And as a result, talent is necessary for entry, but integrity and humility are
the highest employee characteristics.

2.    Belonging
is a basic human craving. How do you
remind employees that they’ve found a home?

First, we make sure we’re picking like-minded, value based
and quality people. Next, working between two bridges and next to parks gives
us a huge taste of nature every day. We also invest in creating a contemporary,
artistic, feng shui
workplace that makes people feel comfortable, at ease and
considered. Also, in the past few years, we’ve landed really great clients who
have been growing through some tough economic times, which allowed us to grow
too. That’s what feels like a home to us.

Thanks Joey! Learn more about her team here.


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