Behave your way into being noticed

Are you aflame with longing to make your mark? 

Try this. Move closer and closer to the edge of what scares you. Push yourself to the threshold of what is familiar and reliable. Raise your hand for tasks and projects that feel light years above your intellectual pay grade. 

Don’t worry, the fact that you feel completely out of your league means you’re doing something that will make you grow. 

And besides, you might surprise yourself. Working at the edge often unearths skills you didn’t know you had. Or better yet, it reinforces skills you knew you had, but weren’t using. It all depends on how you frame it. 

Rollo’s extraordinary book on love and will has a memorable passage about apathy that comes to mind. 

Shrinking up in the winds of continuous demands and freezing in the face of hyper stimuli, letting the current go by since one fears he would be overwhelmed if he response to it. 

That’s what you must avoid. Withdrawing back from life and sliding towards despair. Because those who make their mark are the ones who are willing to meet each of their edges as another opportunity to explore their strengths and flexibility. 

Those who are willing to become fully alive to the challenge of each moment. 

Even if they have no idea what the hell they are doing.


What if the story you are telling yourself about your competence is completely invented? 
* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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