Begging the rose to unfold faster

Anyone who’s ever lived in a big city has extensive experience coping with subway delays. 

They’ve suffered from spending long stretches gazing into the tunnel, praying to see the light of an oncoming train. 

As if staring down the inky blackness with an angry look on their face would somehow will the subway into existence. 

But it never does. No matter how often they check. No matter how late they’re running. No matter how important they think they are. And no matter how many times they shake their heads and roll their eyes and complain to the lady standing next to them about how horribly inefficient the public transportation system is. 

People still stare into the tunnel. Because it reinforces their sense of control. 

Not unlike repeatedly pushing the close door button on the elevator. Which doesn’t actually help the situation, but it does delude people into thinking that their actions are making a real difference. 

The point is, begging to rose to unfold faster accomplishes nothing. Reality is not obligated to conform to your wishes. 

So let it go. The train will get here when it gets here. 

And remember that the stress of avoiding the pain of owning your reality isn’t worth the calories. 

Better to conserve your best energies for your creative efforts instead. 


Do you have an accurate account of reality with all its flaws and flavors?
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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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