Be strong enough to step forward

Inhibition hurts me faster than anything. 

It’s the bait that can kill my spirit of right action. 

And so, any time I sit down to work and a sense of hopelessness threatens to overwhelm me, I remind myself that movement is my mainstay. That as soon as I start doing what I can from where I am, taking small steps that allow me keep my equilibrium, the weight will lift. 

The fear will fade. And once I taste those first fruits of progress, I will be ready to ride the waves of chaos that come at me. 

Besides, no matter how organized and prepared and confident I am in the moment, odds are, I’ve probably taken action on less than that before. 

My friend who wrote a book about quantum physics says that motion organizes and creates order. In his research, he found that through motion, all things tend to their equilibrium and find their place in the universe, conspiring towards some unifying geometrical situation. 

It’s the theory of gravitational order. 

Proving, that when we’re strong enough to step forward, life will reward us. Not often as quickly or as perfectly as we’d hope. But remember, it’s not about getting things right, it’s about getting things moving in the right direction. And trusting that your spirit is large enough for any circumstance. 

It’s time to put your helplessness behind you. Start moving as an act of faith in yourself. Tolerate the way you progress. Take satisfaction from small steps. And be proud of every step you take. 

Because even if you’re moving slowly, you’re still moving forward. 


Are you focusing on heroics, or small concrete actions that accumulate to achieve effectiveness?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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