Assets that are non monetary, but still meaningful

In any business, money is the primary measure of a company’s value, legitimacy and professionalism. 

Ask any owner. Nothing beats getting paid. There is no close second to financial compensation. Even if you’re not turning much of profit, having at least some cash flow is a deeply satisfying form of remuneration for your efforts. 

But what happens when the money simply isn’t coming in? What happens when you’re one of the millions of small business that takes a least a year to show profit? And what happens when you feel discouraged and inadequate and worthless because you still haven’t been monetarily remunerated for your efforts? 

For starters, don’t beat yourself up. Give up the insane notion that you’re alone. And understand that your problems might be uncomfortable, but they’re not uncommon. 

Because every business has money problems. Especially in the beginning. For now, believe you have value and dignity apart from your financial bottom line. Try not to confuse net worth with self worth. And instead of moaning about how you still haven’t made any money, focus instead on how satisfying it will feel to make your first sale. Use that milestone as motivation. 

Meanwhile, work on building assets that are non monetary, but still meaningful. 

Attention. Permission. Commitment. Perspective. Connection. Platform. Creation. Leverage. Trust. Surprise. Courage. 

Each of these marketplace currencies are scarce, and therefore, can pave the way towards money. It just takes time. More time than you think. Hopefully you’ll still around when the world is finally ready for you. 


What early preconditioning about money do you need to call into question?


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