Asking everyone to acknowledge how wonderful we are

My favorite definition of celebration is, attention paid to oneself. 

It’s a regular practice we must do for ourselves. Not from a place of narcissism, but from our role as our own good friend and advocate. Just as the cobbler’s kid deserves shoes, each of us deserves the same credit we give to others. 

And when treat ourselves respectfully and with care, others will be taught by example. 

This is how we move from our condition of brokenness to wholeness. Instead of passively asking everyone to acknowledge how wonderful we are, we give ourselves credit for all that we are capable of. Instead dreaming how much more we still have to do, we acknowledge our accomplishments. Instead of neglecting our sense of progress, we celebrate each of the steps of our growth as we take them. 

Nobody can take that away from us. It’s the love we can never lose. And in a gigantically devastating world of apathy, rejection, failure and anonymity, this wholeness a deeply satisfying thing to take ownership of. 

Non recognition is a way people deny our power. But when we become congratulators, when we pay attention to ourselves first, we take one step closer to accessing our true potential. 


How will you empower yourself to step beyond the invisible web of shame that has held you captive?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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Author. Speaker. Strategist. Songwriter. Filmmaker. Inventor. Gameshow Host. World Record Holder. I also wear a nametag 24-7. Even to bed.
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