Are You Treating Employees Like Children?

Treat them like adults.

That’s the simplest, cheapest and
smartest way to deal with people.

Evernote gives their employees
unlimited vacation time and a thousand dollar spending stipend to boot. Because
they know that trust is cheaper than control. Don’t make attendance a form of

Commerce Bank allows their employees to kill any stupid rule that stands in the
way of pleasing customers. Because they know service is more important than
policy. Don’t demand their mindless compliance.

My friend Jessica, a social justice educator, insists that her students send
texts during class. Because she understands it’s their lifeline to the
universe. Don’t police cell phone usage.

Twitter keeps their users in the know
with a detailed system status log and a corporate blog. Because they respect
people’s time and patience. Don’t neglect elementary feedback loops.

My friend’s ad agency has a rule that
you can be up to an hour late to work, as long as you bring donuts for the rest
of the team. Because they know people had lives outside of the office. Don’t
obsess over the clock.

It’s time to grow up and treat people like

That’s all they want.


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