Approachable Service: When Google Doesn’t Matter

My kitchen sink clogged up the other day.

No problem, I thought. I’ll just call a local plumber to help me out.

Hopped onto Google.

Typed in St. Louis Plumbers.

And I was presented with several excellent options.

The first hit was a plumbing company located a few miles from my house.

Naturally, I called them first.

And nobody picked up.

So I tried the next hit on Google. Also close to my house.

And nobody picked up.

Then I scrolled over to the sponsored links. I clicked on a promising looking website description, got their phone number, called, got a voicemail, pressed extension #2 for “Bruce…”

And nobody picked up.

“Damn it! This is ridiculous!” I exclaimed.

“Screw it –- I’m calling Roto-Rooter.”

I took a wild guess and typed in


I called their customer service hotline. An agent picked up the call on the second ring.

Woo hoo!

“I’m sorry to hear about your kitchen, sir. We’ll take care of you!” she promised.

Heck yeah!

After I gave her some basic information, she replied, “We can have someone at your home within the hour.”


“Absolutely sir! Let me check our schedule…”

Sure enough, the plumber was over right away. He took care of my clog, told me how to prevent it in the future and even gave me a free sample of Drano.

LESSON LEARNED: it doesn’t matter how great your service is if nobody can get a hold of you to find out how great it is.

Because any number multiplied by zero is still zero.

Sure, quality is vital, but accessibility comes first. Without it, you may as well be winking in the dark.

Because if you’re not A-vailable, customers are going to find A-nother company to hire.

If nobody’s there to answer your customer’s phone calls, does your Google ranking even matter?

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