Always in danger of learning something.

Hendricks writes that the secret to raising our consciousness is approaching life as a learning project, not a healing one. 

Instead of presuming that something was wrong with us, we simply accepted that there were things we could learn to make our life better. 

This certainly takes the pressure off. A learning paradigm is much more compassionate and peaceful than embarking on a relentless quest to fix ourselves. 

One of my software applications is perfect for putting this into practice. 

Junkie is metacognition program that helps maximize the rate of return on investments. Especially experiential ones. And so, at the moment of mistakes and failures and other learning opportunities, we ask ourselves specific compelling questions. 

How can we use this situation as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and change for the better? 

What aspects of our circumstances might we view as a gift to be treasured? 

That way, we are always in danger of learning something. 

Remember, there is so little in this world that we can actually fix. In trying to heal all the broken parts of ourselves, we enter into a totally antagonistic relationship with ourselves. 

Let us focus more on learning, and we will raise our consciousness in the process. 


Are you approaching life as a quest to fix or a project to learn? 

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Scott Ginsberg

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