Almost everything is noise

Every beautiful thing that has ever been created in this world was
made by somebody who didn’t have time. 

Tolstoy had thirteen children and he
still managed to author one of the longest, most celebrated and bestselling
novels in the history of literature. 

What’s your excuse? 

Of course, that was a
century and a half ago. Things are different now. The world wants to
distract you. 

In the economy of the past, companies made money by being useful
to people. Now companies make their money by distracting us with ads. The
fundamental business question went from, how can we help you, to, how can we
distract you? 


However, that doesn’t justify your lack of
execution. That doesn’t make procrastination more acceptable. In fact, it
should be easier than ever to get things done. 

Because almost everything is
noise. Everything. And since the technology to execute is better and cheaper
and more available than ever before, all you have to do is press a few buttons. 

It’s simply a matter of permission. Believing that people are waiting for
the good you can do. Believing that
your work is a welcome presence that’s creating value for people and that’s
worthy of people’s attention. 

Tolstoy didn’t write his masterpiece because
there were enough hours in the day, he wrote it because there was enough fire
in his belly. 

It’s a modern version of the general theory of relativity. 

has enough time to do anything. It’s all permission and hunger.


What excuses are you still making to justify your procrastination? 


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