All men are equal in their powerlessness

Many of us have picked a career path where not knowing is the norm. 

Every day we sit down to work, there is this countervailing force of grayish uncertainty that is constantly working against us. There is no way to know how or where or when the next customer, the next idea, the next investor or the next project is going to materialize. If at all. 

But we show up anyway. Because we have faith in ourselves. We trust the people and trust the process. And we believe that we are a welcome presence wherever we go who creates value, despite all that we do not know. 

If this doesn’t make our work into a spiritual practice, then let the gods strike us down where we stand. 

Cameron characterizes it beautifully in her book about creating the prosperous heart:

On every level, in every situation, the act of making something where something did not exist before is in many ways the very definition of faith. 

If you had complete faith in yourself and the universe and in your future, what would you do differently? 

And yet, there is a fine line between patience and procrastinating. 

Yes, we sit with uncertainty, but we also don’t spend too much time meandering in the mush of our own indecision. 

Yes, we allow for the synchronistic accidents of weather and will that might alter our trajectory, but we also don’t sit back and wait for the world to say, yes you, you’re the one. 

Yes, we learn to become comfortable with ambiguity, but we also get out there and darken enough doorsteps to help enough people fall in love with what we already worship. 

In the end, all of us are equal in our powerlessness. 

Certainty has left town for good and it won’t be back. 

May as well get used to it. 


Who taught you what to do when the certain thing didn’t happen?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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