All initiative, no permission

Beck’s influential book on spiral integration dissects something called entrepreneurial intelligence. After interviewing thousands of chief executive officers and managing directors from around the word, here’s what the characteristics were. 

Entrepreneurial intelligence is the impulse to start something new, to peer into the future, a fierce determination to succeed, a penchant for high risk, a creative resourcefulness and the ego to stand alone and cut your own pathways. 

In a word, initiation. That’s the entrepreneur’s code. 

And the exciting part is, it’s not limited to people who run their own companies. We live in the age of the entrepreneur right now, where if you have enough capital, emotional, human, financial and otherwise, you can finance your own initiatives. Whether they involving turning a profit or not. 

It’s not about owning a business; it’s about owning risk. 

Doing meaningful work that nobody asked you to do, taking the chance that you might upset someone with your initiative, and along the way, discovering aspects of your identity in the pursuit of something beyond yourself. 

Two of my best friends recently chose to start home schooling their kids. They’re not making a dime in the process, but it’s still one hell of an entrepreneurial venture. 

They even admitted that they were scared out of their minds that they’d ruin their kids forever and tank their resale value. 

But in time, they formulated their own unique approach to home based education. One that facilitates the growth of entrepreneurship intelligence. As their charter philosophy states, school should be a self directed, adult facilitated life learning in the context of the child’s own unique interests. 

Imagine graduating from a school like that. 

Imagine the trajectory that kind of education could create for you. 

All initiative, no permission. 


Whose approval are you still waiting for?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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