All the good feelings inside of me evaporated in a hurry

was a man in his early sixties who had finally reached a state of genuine
peace, complete relaxation, profound calm and deep contentment in which he felt
unburdened by his life’s troubles for the first time in recent memory. 

seconds later, medical technicians wrenched the man back into consciousness
with a pair of defibrillator pads, cutting short his soothing state of bliss. 

It’s the punchline of the human condition. 

How do you know if a person has
anxiety? Check his breathing. 

That’s become the norm. Forever on the razor’s
edge of experiencing genuine bliss. Never quite taking full pleasure in life’s

Because right as we approach the cusp of actually enjoying life, our
mind makes worries and shuts the door on joy. 

And so, we become shells of people
racing mindlessly from one activity to another, pulled further asunder by the
opposing forces of our desire. 

Maisel’s mindfulness meditation program helped me realize that joy
isn’t necessarily in remarkable short supply, sometimes it’s just small and
quiet. And because the absence of joy is uncentering, human beings have an
existential responsibility to pry that door back open. 

We have to remind
ourselves, he says, that joy is available to us, that we are on the side of
joy, and that joy is permitted, even in a fast paced, task driven, no nonsense

In short, we have to trust the moment. 

To know that all the good
feelings inside of us don’t have to evaporate in a hurry. 


How often do you announce to yourself that you’re on the lookout for joy?


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