All emotions are weather patterns

When you feel bitter, it’s difficult to put your life in perspective. 

No matter how many gratitude lists you create, no matter how many positive affirmations you receive from people you love, and no matter how many entries you write in your victory log, sometimes, it’s simply not possible to delight in what’s wonderful about your life. 

And that’s okay. Everyone has permission to feel lousy. There’s no shame in sitting with the anger. And there’s no positivity police that’s going to arrest you for having a bout of sadness. 

Your feelings are real and valid and nobody can take away your right to experience them fully. Even if they’re inconsistent with this precious little identity you’ve crafted for yourself. Even if the modern happiness industrial complex seems bent on eradicating all traces of melancholy. 

Try not to outrun your misery in times of pain. Not to embark on yet another obsessive personal development mission to fix yourself, just because you’re an incurable individualist who sees it a sign of weakness to feel the gravity of your own struggle. 

I’m reminded of my therapist’s words. She once told me:

It’s worthwhile to let everything register. Try staying with the situation and let it carry you to a new place. Because there’s a fine line between wallowing in your sadness and moving through it. 

That, ironically, is what makes you feel better about my life. Remembering that all emotions are just weather patterns. 

Natural, distinct, subtle, fast moving, ever shifting, seasonal forces. 

It can’t rain forever.


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