Aim some creative at understanding yourself

The seven most important words any
creative person can say to himself. 

my god, you can do that?

Consider the amount of permission and inspiration
and liberation built into that moment. Once a person asks themselves that
question, there’s no stopping them. They’re off to the creative races. And what’s
exciting about these seven words is, they’re not just for beginners. At every
stage of a career, these unlocking moments are available to us. It’s simply a
matter of exposure. 

I’ll never forget a lunch meeting I had with a magician
friend of mine. He showed me this web
that helps disorganized, scatterbrained freelancers handle
the business side of their art. It looked like a virtual office manager for professional
artists, keeping records and organizing contracts and tracking receivables.
Todd said it helped keep him sane so he could stay focused on his magic act. 

here’s the punchline. When I asked how he found this program, he just smiled
and put his hand on my shoulder. 

I built this myself. Just for me. I
concepted it, designed it, hired a guy to develop it, and now I sell it to other
entertainers just like me. It’s an entirely new arm of my business. 

Now that’s
what you call a magic trick. 

In that moment, all I could think to myself were
those seven words. 

Oh my god, you can do

Yes you can. You can create art that helps you create more art. You
can treat yourself as a client. You can use your creative powers to perfect the
very process by which your enterprise exists. 

One year later, I invented asoftware suiteof my own.


What thing could you build to solve your own problem?


For a copy of the list called, “33 Ways to Approach Unhappy Customers,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!

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