Adventures in Nametagging: Thieves, Yogis and Silver Suits

“Acts of friendliness in moments of anonymity.”

That’s why I wear a nametag:

To invite people to join me, to remind the world that face to face is making a comeback and to create spontaneous moments of authentic human interaction infused with a spirit of humor, playfulness and connection.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a nametag is worth a thousand stories.

Here are my most recent adventures:DAY 3,842. Today a guy at the coffee shop noticed my nametag. He jokingly asked me if my name was Scott, and I said yes. Then he asked me if I could watch his stuff while he went to the bathroom. I said yes again. Isn’t it amazing how much more we trust someone once we know their name? Maybe I’ll give his wallet back.

DAY 3,843. Today a guy in the yoga locker room noticed my nametag, smiled and asked, “Scott, are you going to the conference, or coming from the conference?” And I told him, “Both.” Maybe that’s all life is. One big, never-ending conference.

DAY 3,844. Today I was in downtown Manhattan when a man in a silver suit deliberately interrupted his phone call to remind me that I was still wearing my nametag. I thanked him and continued walking. Moments like these restore my faith in humanity. I find it reassuring to know that in our hyperspeed, always-on culture, people will still go out of their way to help a stranger in need.

What was your best nametag related adventure?

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