Adjusting the scale of your expectations

I’ve always had a strong opportunity agenda. 

My second order imagination, which is the inherent enterprise to notice creative openings, apply force and propel them into interesting directions, is one of my greatest strengths. 

But as the ancient warriors remind us, every strength has its corresponding weakness. What we’re good at, we’re bad at. 

That’s why I allow myself to get animated by new opportunities, but I’m careful not to get attached to what they mean for my future. 

Because I know me. I fall hard. I get stars in my eyes. I am a love addict. I have a classic case of commitment mania. Ever since I was young, the minute somebody shows interest, the moment I sniff out the mythical promise of opportunity, my hyperactive imagination adamantly refuses to see anything but the potential, rather than what is. 

In that first kiss, I see a vision of my future. And in the fantasy world I create inside my head, there’s nothing to puncture the illusion that this new opportunity will save me. There’s nothing to confront my illusions about what will set me free. 

It’s such a delicate balance. Walking the fine line between optimism and delusion. Adjusting the scale of expectation. Giving myself permission to provoke joy, but not to the point that I set myself up for disappointment. 

I’m reminded of a recent conversation I had with a television actress friend of mine. She has written dozens of screenplays, pilots and spec scripts for various media networks. And although producers showed interest and took meetings and held auditions, alas, not a single one of them was green lighted. 

It’s just how the industry works. There are no guarantees. No matter how promising and flattering your project opportunity looks, odds are, it will never see the light of day. 

It’s not cynicism, it’s just reality. So many things in life just go away. 

And we need to prepare ourselves for that. 


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