Actively seek out fellow travelers on the road to success

Rushdie famously said that if you can’t have religion, there are big absences that you have to find somewhere else in life. 

Because in addition to exaltation, religion provides people with a community, the sense of something shared, a common language, a common metaphor structure and a framework for explaining yourself to people. 

And so, the fundamental question becomes, how will you fill that hole? Where will you find the replacements for the things religion typically provides? And how will you meet the universal human needs that exist regardless of belief or religious affiliation? 

What’s interesting is how this line of questioning applies to the business world. Because with more and more of us working alone, or working without an office, or working on distributed teams, or working on episodic freelance projects, there are similar holes to be filled. Big ones. Social and existential longings that, when undernurtured, can cause significant psychological anguish. 

Hill’s research on the science of success found that every outstanding business success story in the country was due to the individual’s knowledge and application of the mastermind principle, in which people borrow and use the education, experience and influence of others in carrying out their own plans in life. 

I’ve had the same mastermind group for ten years. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to coworkers. And the three of us have supported each other through every conceivable business challenge known to man. Even if we only gather once a year. Without that sacred connection, without that trusted community, none of us would be at the level of success we are today. 

And so, whatever professional journey you’re on, remember that it’s hard to dream alone. Actively seek out fellow travelers on the road to success. Find people who are not only like minded, but also like hearted and like spirited, and draw freely upon their forces. 

Because without that kind of support, it’s a long, lonely road. 


Who are the members of your mastermind group?


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