According to the tendencies of our inward forces

Einstein never actually said that humans only use ten percent of their brains. 

It’s an urban myth. An accidental misunderstanding of nineteenth century neurology that was perpetuated by the human potential movement of the sixties and seventies. 

What is a plausible claim, however, is that most people only meet a fraction of their full potential. That the majority of our skills and talents and gifts and assets are going untapped. 

And it’s heartbreaking, because every organism has only one central need in life, and that’s to fulfill its own potentialities. 

Indigenous people are the model. Hundreds of years ago, they used every part of the buffalo. Meat, tail, buckskin, hooves, horns, hair, dung, sinew, innards, bones, tallow and rawhide. There wasn’t a part of the animal that went to waste. Everything had a purpose, everything had a home. 

What an inspiring vision of human potential. Leaving no asset unharvested. Firing on all cylinders, making use of everything we are, keeping all of our passions in play and using all of our strengths to create meaning in accordance with our values. 

What holds us back is fear. Fear of owning our full potential. Fear of actualizing all corners of the heart. Because that might entail responsibility. That might mean no longer watching thirty hours of television a week. And have you seen some of the shows that are on cable right now? 

The point is, living according to the tendencies of our inward forces in a scary proposition. But the opportunity to make use of everything we are, to become the buffalos of human potential, that sounds much more satisfying to me. 


Are you only satisfying a narrow band of your capabilities?


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