Accepting the resistance as a natural process

Yeager once
said there was a demon that lived
in the air. 

And that whoever challenged him would die. Their controls would
freeze up, their planes would buffet wildly and they would disintegrate. The
demon lived where the air could no longer move out of the way, behind a barrier
through which they said no man could ever pass. 

It was called the sound

No wonder that movie won so many awards. 

All drama aside, though,
here’s how the physics actually works. Once the plane cruises from subsonic to
supersonic velocities, a white cloud of chaotic air molecules known as a vapor
forms around the aircraft. 

And that moment generates a sonic boom at
more than two hundred decibels, which, by way of comparison, is about fifty
percent louder than a shotgun blast. 

The right stuff, indeed. 

interesting, though, is how pilots describe it. Because when their aircraft
approaches the sound barrier, everything in the cockpit starts to rattle and
shake and seem impossible.  

Which is a terrifying moment. But once the plane
pushes through the threshold and everything suddenly feels so smooth on the
other side, they look back and wonder what all the disturbance was. 

It’s the
perfect analogy for our dreams. We burn ourselves for an impossible vision,
working and fighting and persisting against the gravitational pull of whatever
demon stands in our way. 

And although that demon fights to tear every chance we
want away from us, we keep pushing, accepting the resistance as a natural
process and a sign that we’re on target, trusting that the world belongs to those
who resist, and those who persist. 


What awaits you on the other side of your personal sound barrier?


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