Acceptance means recognizing reality and becoming comfortable with it

One of the many practices group therapy has helped me master is how to check in with myself. 

How to step back from the chaos of life for a moment, take a few deep breaths, ground my feet into the earth and ask a few fundamental questions. 

Here are a few from my collection. 

What sensations are happening in my body? 

What feelings and emotions do I notice? 

What shadowy aspect of my personality might be operating just outside of my conscious awareness? 

These questions, asked sequentially or individually, allow me to get hyper honest with myself in the moment. They allow me to practice sitting with and accept whatever comes up. 

It takes less than two minutes. 

And the best part is, there are no right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative answers. It’s all about attention and intention. That’s the purpose of rituals. They are tools for communication. Spiritual technologies for being our best selves. 

Use your imagination to create rituals. Customize a carefully defined, highly structured practice that you can use to be here now. 


How do you check in with yourself to see what you need in order to feel more connected?

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