A trickle contributing to some greater plan

Arendt’s book on the human condition suggests that each of us has the opportunity to form a durable addition to the human artifice. That the same task, performed year in and year out, will eventually transform the wilderness into cultivated land. 

This approach of continuity, devotion and patience has always inspired me. Most people find it dreadful and monotonous and claustrophobic. 

But personally, the daily practice of commitment to seek what is fresh, spontaneous and interesting in the same place we looked for it yesterday, nothing could be more invigorating. 

Because there’s always a place we haven’t gone yet, always another facet of the work to be discovered. The work of building brick by brick toward the goal, translating small everyday increments into grand creative visions, trusting that you too have beautified and contributed to the world, that makes my nipples hard, man. 

The metamorphosis from wilderness to cultivated land. 

And the exciting part is, our inner topography changes too. 

As my mentor used to say, first you write the book, then the book writes you. 

It’s the spiritual version of the third law of physics. For every action in the material plane, there is an equal and opposite reaction in the spiritual plane. 

And so, whatever physical earth you’re tilling in the world, you can trust that the soil of the soul is cultivating as well. 


Do you ever wonder what excuses you use to avoid the daily work?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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