A tremendous range of intuitive powers potentially available

We can make a pros and cons list. We can ask our peer review board for feedback. We can even use a software program to calculate the asset value of a potential new opportunity. 

But at the end of the day, we will only know what to do by realizing what feels right to us. Because the machinery of intuitive thought is, and always has been, the artist’s most dependable source of data. 

When I was editing the footage of my last music film, there were a number of scenes that just didn’t work. And the frustrating part was, I couldn’t pinpoint why. No matter how long I stared at the screen. 

But that’s when I would employ the strategy of working perpendicular. Intentionally walking away from the current work to engage in something unrelated to the flow of activity. Usually by going for a walk, swimming laps or practicing yoga. 

And what I found was, somewhere in the middle of my repetitive monotonous movement, all of the sudden, I would have language for something that I was feeling. I knew exactly why that particular scene didn’t work, and what I had to change to make it better. Two hours later, I would return to the project with a solution. 

It was a powerful reminder that human beings do have tremendous range of intuitive powers potentially available. We truly are indeed wiser than our intellects, and sometimes all we have to do is walk away and trust that intuition will deliver. 


How do you treat your own intuitive promptings?


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