A small jolt of another connection falling into place

We get what our heart calls for. 

When we set out into the world with a clean intention, staying in touch with what is of prime importance to us, without attaching ourselves to any definite outcome, it’s amazing what gets delivered to our doorstep.

Like we’re the magnets, and the iron filings that lie within our field are floating toward us. 

The problem is, these moments are so hard to notice. Because they’re so small. Hiding in plain sight. And without at least some measure of optimism, our vision remains limited. We will struggle to bring ourselves into full alignment with what we long for because we are not looking for it. 

Emerson famously wrote that nothing of great weight can afford a literal speech. The universe itself does not speak prose, but communicates to us by hints, omens, inference and dark resemblances in objects lying around us. And all things in the universe will arrange themselves to each person anew, according to our ruling love. 

No wonder they dubbed him a cosmic optimist. Even in the midst of the known darkness, he still chose to see gleams of hope. And he received what is heart called for. 

That’s what hopeful intention does. It increases our field of vision. It doesn’t guarantee results, it just gives us the eyes to see more them. 

This mindset will be a stretch for many people. Cynics especially. Good luck trying to jolly those killjoys out of their crappy attitude. 

But here’s the thing about hope is. There is no upside to not believing. Better to think the best of the world, to see everything as good until proven otherwise, then to decide that the universe is out to get us. 

Better to hope for the best and occasionally be disappointed, then to walk around with our guard up all day. 


Who drains your energy and optimism?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.  



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