A raging individuality that wants to express itself

Moore’s manifesto about the future of healthcare not only teaches providers to preserve their souls, but also reminds patients to preserve individuality. 

If you express your soul, he warns, you will be eccentric. There is no other way. You will rub people the wrong way. They will criticize you. They will be uncomfortable with your individuality. 

After all, heterogeneity is threatening. Especially in an institution, which usually prefers that everyone fade into the background of acquiescence. 

This manifesto is a perfect reality check for anybody inside of an organization, especially those with a raging individuality that wants to express itself. 

And so, if you’re the kind of person intent on standing apart of how society wants to shape you for its own purposes, expect resistance. Because poking the status quo, refusing to adapt, sticking out and upsetting whatever equilibrium has been achieved, well, there’s just something inherently aggressive about expressing that kind individuality.

But only if you’re on the inside. 

Customers, on the other hand, are free to be as quirky and eccentric and individuated as their hearts desire. It’s good for business. 

Deresiewicz, the former ivy league professor and literary critic, calls this the phenomenon the democratization of creativity. He writes that the makers have the means to sell, but everybody has the means to make. And everybody’s using them. 

Everybody seems to fancy himself a writer, a musician, a visual artist. 

Apple figured this out a long time ago, he says. 

The best way to sell people its expensive tools is to convince us that we all have something unique and urgent to express

It’s a balance. We live in the land of rugged individuals with a vision who need to do it their way, but when that individual has a lot of money to spend, individualism becomes a very profitable worldview. 

We must be careful not become victims of our own uniqueness.  


Have you considered who might view your heterogeneity as threatening, and who might view it as an asset to exploit?


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