A moment to step on the goddamn gas

When things are going well, you run the danger of assuming your success is inevitable. 

As if all the momentum you’ve generated was going to make you invincible. 

But you soon realize, just because you’re riding a bicycle downhill doesn’t mean your legs are strong. You still have to pedal. You always have to pedal. 

Roethlisberger was the legendary first round draft pick and rookie of the year who became the youngest quarterback to lead a team to the championship. Interestingly, only a few months after wining the big game, he suffered a major motorcycle accident and sustained serious physical injuries. 

Why? Because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. The guy thought he was invincible. So much for pedaling. 

And it’s sad, but we hear stories like that everybody. In sports and business and politics and everywhere else. People they take their success for granted. They operate out of a entitlement mindset. And before they know it, they’re laying in a pool of blood with a broken jaw, chipped teeth and a nine inch laceration to the back of the head. 

Which isn’t to neglect the necessary celebration and appreciation of our achievements. I keep a victory log every day of my life. But I don’t get attached to those successes. I just mark them down, get back to work and keep moving the story forward. I start pedaling again.

Because you never know when the incline is going to shift.  


Are you becoming a victim of your own success?


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