A life of compare is a life of despair

Comparing ourselves with others is a futile game with no winners. 

Because everybody’s working with a different path. And there are so many differences and nuances in people’s journeys, that to even begin to make an objective comparison is an exercise in futility. 

That’s like comparing apples to plywood. 

Besides, what’s going on in other people’s world in none of our business. It’s just an ego vortex that sucks us away from doing the real work on ourselves. Every moment we’re lost in somebody else’s orbit is a moment were not improving life on our own planet. 

I’m reminded of a colleague of mine, who spends an absurd amount of time doing competitive analysis. Studying rival websites and comparing prices and seeing how his work measures up against theirs. And every time he strategically briefs me about the marketplace competition, I want to smack him upside the head with a frying pan. Who. Cares. 

Instead of comparing, try creating. Go make something that brings value to the world instead of worrying what your competitors are doing. 

I’ve been in business for fifteen years, and I have no clue what the competition is up to. I don’t even know who my competition is. That’s not relevant data for my work. 

My job is to do my job, not monitor how well other people do their jobs. 


Are you willing to set aside your envy, believe that you can be what you want and go make something happen?


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