Five Things “They” Say, and Why I Disagree

1. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

I say:

“Put all your eggs in one basket, then guard that basket with your life and make sure the savages with frying pans and eggbeaters stay away.”

Meanwhile, make sure you dance the fine line between risky and reckless.

One is sticking yourself out there – the other is leaving yourself out there.
One is adventure accompanied by danger – the other is danger disguised as adventure.
One is increasing the probability of temporary hurt – the other is guaranteeing the promise of permanent injury. Careful.

LET ME ASK YA THIS: How could you bet the farm without losing your ass?

2. “Take everything with a grain of salt.”

I say:

“Take everything with a mountain of salt.”

One grain isn’t going to cut it. There’s just too much bullshit out there. So, don’t be afraid to challenge, dismantle and recast people’s outworn, hidden assumptions. And shrink not from the opportunity to stop in your tracks, tilt your head like a curious Beagle and hold someone accountable for speaking rectally.

Remember: Learn to become aggressively skeptical and you’ll EARN to become progressively profitable.

LET ME ASK YA THIS: Are you on a high sodium diet?

3. “With age comes wisdom.”

I say:

“With page comes wisdom.”

As my mentor William Jenkins taught me, “We learn not from our experiences, but from intelligent reflection upon those experiences.”

That’s the cool part: If you learn to document your reflections, reactions and interpretations of various life experiences, you won’t have to wait until you’re fifty to be a broker of wisdom.

You can start early. And people will listen. Wise beyond your years will be an understatement. Remember: Introspection leads to income collection.

LET ME ASK YA THIS: What did you write today?

4. “The first cut is the deepest.”

I say:

“The first cut is the cheapest.”

Make mistakes early, quickly and quietly. Then learn from them. Then teach the lessons learned to someone else. Then move on. Odds are, you won’t make the same mistake twice. Great way to save your company a few bucks.

LET ME ASK YA THIS: Are you slicing strategically?

5. “The cream rises to the top.”

I say:

“The cream rises to the top, but mediocrity often hitches a ride.”

Marketing overshadows talent. Think about it: Brittney never would have made it in the 60’s. Which kind of sucks, but that’s the reality. So, the secret is to remind yourself of the following scripture from the book of Galatians: “Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap a great harvest if we faint not.”

Learned that one when I was sixteen. And it’s guided my life ever since. Lesson learned: Patience, grasshopper. If you’re amazing, your time will come. And so will the people. And will the money. But only if you work hard, long and smart.

LET ME ASK YA THIS: How long are you willing to simmer before the cream rises?

That’s what they say, that’s why I disagree.

What about you?

What do you disagree with?

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