Starve it of oxygen and it will die on its own

According to the fire protection association, the three conditions that must be present for wildfire to burn are fuel, air and heat. 

Firefighters have aptly named this the fire triangle. 

The fuel comes from any flammable material, like grasses, trees, brush or homes. 

The heat comes from sources like campfires and hot winds and cigarettes, which brings the fuel to temperatures hot enough to ignite. 

And oxygen, which is supplied by the air, allows the fire to continually burn. 

These three factors combined have the power to ignite a blaze that can last for weeks and consume tens of thousands of acres of land. 

Our ideas work in a similar way. There are also three conditions that must be present for creativity to burn. 

First, ideas need fuel. Inspiration and experience. And so, we create a self to express. We live a life that is worthy of examination. And we put ourselves on an intercept path with interesting experiences. 

Second, ideas need heat. Permission to spark. And so, we set aside real stretches of time to tinker and experiment and fail. Whether or not the work is good, useful, profitable or logical. 

Finally, ideas need air. Encouragement and support. And so, we surrounded ourselves with people who believe in our yes. People who cheer us to keep going. People who think are crazy ideas aren’t so crazy. 

This is the fire triangle of creativity. When we are in its presence, we can feel the heat burning inside of us like god is knocking at our door. 

But when it’s absent, it sends a corkscrew of chill through the hollows of our spine


Does your mental and physical environment add fuel and air and heat to your internal fire, or sprinkle water on it? 

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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