Scott’s Approachability Quiz in Cosmo hits the magazine racks!

This was my first time purchasing a copy of Cosmo Magazine. And I gotta say, it was kinda awkward. Especially because it was 10:30 PM and I was flipping through the pages in the middle of the store like a maniac, eagerly trying to locate the quiz. Luckily nobody else was in there.

When I approached the desk I lugged 10 copies of the January issue onto the counter. The cashier looked at me oddly and said, “So Scott…are these Christmas gifts?”

“No,” I laughed. “I actually helped write ‘The Quiz’ on page 122.”

Then she looked at me even more oddly.

Whatever. This quiz is awesome. And for all you ladies out there (namely, those ages 16-25), pick up a copy and find out how approachable you are. Also, now that I think about it, guys could still benefit from reading this issue. There’s a lot of great stuff in there which is still applicable to men.

Except the question about underwear. Yikes.

Here’s page 1 with the quiz:

Here’s page 2 with your scorecard:

You can also take the quiz online @


If you could only subscribe to one magazine for the rest of your life, which would it be?

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Scott Ginsberg
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HELLO, my name is Podcast – Episode 1: The Power of Cool

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later – I have officially jumped onto the Podcast Bandwagon! Thanks to some help from my friend, colleague and fellow podcaster Bob Baker, the first episode of “HELLO, my name is Podcast” is now available for download, streaming and XML subscription.

For those of you who are new to this technology (like me), here’s how you can tune in:

  • You can list LIVE on this blog. (See flash player below)
  • Listen LIVE on (All future episodes will be archived here)
  • Download past, present and future podcasts as MP3 files via XML on Itunes. (Read super simple directions on how to do this here.)

    HELLO, my name is Podcast – Episode #1: The Power of Cool
    Customers love, remember and spread the word about companies, ideas and products that are COOL.


    When was the last time you said, “That is SO cool!”?

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    Scott Ginsberg
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  • Inspired High School Student Starts Wearing A Nametag

    Every summer I lead a workshop for YPO’s Junior Leadership University in Leysin, Switzerland. This year I met a lot of awesome kids, some of whom are pictured above. One student, Cam Scheible (bottom row, first on the left), recently IM’ed me with some great news. Since the beginning of the school year, Cam has actually been wearing a nametag every day at school! What’s more, the school paper did a story on him! Check out this article written by fellow high school student Caitlin Sherril:

    You all have seen that crazy kid walking down the hallways with a name tag saying “Hello, my name is Cam.” No, he did not forget to take of his name tag after a convention, but he does it on purpose everyday! To many he is just some weird guy who wears a name tag, but I inquired about the mind behind the name tag.

    “It’s really not my idea,” says Cam Scheible, junior, “I went to a summer camp and this guy named Scott said he had been wearing one for a couple of years now. As we all learned to say in unison, ‘It makes people friendlier and more approachable.'”

    Yet some may not see the method to his madness, teachers have overall thought that it is an inspiring idea. Senora Juarez says, “It seems to make students more comfortable in the class room, especially him. When we have shadows come in it makes them feel very welcome.”

    So put on a smile as he walks your way, because all he’s doing is trying to make you ‘friendlier and more approachable’!

    “Thanks for the inspiration,” Scheible said. “I have only gotten one person to join me wearing name tags, but I’m going for more!”

    Well…while I have never in five years encouraged any or all people to wear nametags, I gotta say: way to go Cam!


    Seriously: would you actually consider wearing a nametag all the time?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

    FREE EBOOK! 66 Priceless Pieces of Business Advice I Couldn’t Live Without

    A few months ago I sat down with all of my highlighted books, notes, seminar handouts, favorite quotations, classic one-liners and all other priceless pieces of business advice that have accumulated over the past 5 years.

    Originally, it started out as a brainstorming exercise in which I wrote 100 pieces of business advice on 100 Post It Notes as a “Wall of Motivation.” I ended up liking it so much that I took the “best of” and wrote a quote book.

    This quote book is a free download AND my holiday gift to the world!

    66 Priceless Pieces of Business Advice I Couldn’t Live Without

    So, as the holiday season gets under way, from all of us at Front Porch Productions (by which I mean me and my dogs) I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyful Kwanza and Fantastic Festivus.


    What’s the most priceless piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

    Every word is a seed that scatters

    The latest word of mouth marketing book, Grapevine, by Dave Balter & John Butman, has some awesome stuff. Check it out:

    “Everybody talks about products and services, and they talk about them all the time. Word of mouth is NOT about identifying a small subgroup of highly influential or well-connected people to talk up a product or service. It’s not about mavens or bees or celebrities or people with specialist knowledge. It’s about everybody.”

    “80 percent of word of mouth marketing happens off-line…in real time; real people talking to each other in the real word.”

    “People are always influenced more by other people than they are by everything else.”

    That first excerpt struck a chord with me: it’s about everybody.

    I love that part.

    It reminds me of a song lyric by one of my heroes, Glen Phillips:

    “There is nothing that doesn’t matter. Every word is a seed that scatters. Everything matters.”


    What’s your best word of mouth marketing secret?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

    How do you keep people coming back?

    In late 2002 my website went live. My webmaster, Chad Kouse, asked me an important question: do you want to include a counter at the bottom of each page?

    And I thought, “Does anyone really care how many thousands of people have viewed my site?” Probably not.

    But then I thought about McDonald’s. You see, when I was a kid, every Sunday my Grampa would take my brother, cousins and I to McDonald’s for breakfast. It was our favorite tradition. And every week the best part about our trip was pulling into the parking lot, looking up at that enormous yellow and red sign and wondering, “Hey, let’s see what the ‘number of people served’ is NOW!”

    Do you remember when McDonald’s used to do this? As a kid, it was the coolest thing. I remember when it was 70 million, 89 million, 100 million, and eventually, a billion! (Obviously, McDonald’s has now served more people than can fit on a sign.)

    Ok, back to the website. So in 2002, I thought that in the spirit of the McCounter, I would come up with MY OWN way to bring people back. Something different from any other site on the web. So Chad and I came up with this:

    Now, keep in mind that in August of 2002, my streak was somewhere around 700 days wearing a nametag. But having that daily-increasing number at the bottom of every page served many purposes.

    First of all, interviewers from TV, radio and print could cite the “number of days wearing a nametag.” This added a sense of credibility AND remarkability to their stories.

    Next, I would use that number in my daily nametag-related conversations in two ways. First, when I’d explain the back story, i.e., “875 days ago…” it would enhance the believability of my story. And secondly, when people would ask, “Hey Scott, how many days is it now…?” I’d simply throw out a quick number like ‘906.’ And most people were amazed, although some of them thought I was Rainman.

    Yeah. Definitely 906.

    Lastly, it helped develop word of mouth online, first from people who blogged or linked to the site. It seemed to make their posts more interesting(and clickable) when they put a specific number of days by them. And then WOM developed from people who would start coming back to the site on a regular basis thinking, “I wonder how many days it’s been NOW!”

    The key is: this is a number that brings people back. And it’s been working well for 3 years. So whether you have a store, and organization or a website, you’ve gotta find a way to bring people back. You’ve gotta keep them interested, intrigued and wondering to themselves, “I wonder what they’re up to NOW?”


    How do you keep people coming back?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

    People really don’t think this tattoo is real

    I’ve only had this nametag tattoo for a month. (Compliments of Joe Reinke from Iron Age Studio.)

    But I’ve been keeping record of the reactions from people. Interestingly enough, just like the reactions from wearing my regular nametag, the tattooed nametag elicits several types of responses:

    Most people just start cracking up. They tend to be friends of mine who’ve heard about the tattoo, known me for years, and aren’t surprised (yet still slightly shocked) that I would actually do it.

    Phrases such as “That’s awesome!” “No way!” and “It’s about time!” have been commonplace. I usually reply with, “Yep. I did it. Believe it.”

    I’ve had approximately 18 people drop their jaws and say “Holy sh*t!”

    Funny – a lot of people think it’s fake. “Is that a Sharpie?!” they’d say. And I think the reason for this is because, tough as it is to admit, who the hell would tattoo a nametag on their chest? I suppose some people think it’s SO ridiculous, that it just couldn’t be real. But my response is, “Well, it’s about as real as my commitment.”


    How did people react to your tattoo?

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    Scott Ginsberg
    Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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