Man Wears Kangol Hat, Attracts Las Vegas Drug Dealers

If there’s one thing Vegas is never short of, it’s people trying to sell you drugs. Now, I’ve been to Vegas a few times before, but this time it was different. And I think it’s because I was wearing my Kangol hat.


I didn’t think it would make any difference either, but during last week’s trip to Sin City, two things happened:

1) I wore my brand new wool Kangol hat, and…
2) I was approached by more drug dealers than ever before in my LIFE!

It was the strangest thing. For example, on our first night in town, my friend Danny and I decided to walk up and down the strip. (The people watching was fantastic.) Throughout the evening we crossed over several bridges on which I noticed various types of people shouting drug code words such “Nuggets,” “Doses,” “X” and “Blow.”

And they were all staring right at me!

Although I’ve always chosen not to use drugs, I’ve certainly had my share of exposure to the sales thereof. But not like this. Not this much!

Still, by far the most intrusive and strange offer came from a young kid at the foot of the escalator by the Aladdin. I noticed him standing up against a pole on the sidewalk, minding his own business. To my surprise, he didn’t approach me or shout something like “Hey Scott, need some crack?” However, at the exact moment Danny and I passed him by, he quickly sidled up to me, stuck his head in my face and yelled, “CHRONIC CHRONIC CHRNOIC!!”

Feel free to check out the Online Street Slang Drug Dictionary to learn what that means.


Have you ever noticed a change in approachability due to clothing?

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag

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